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About Us

The PEAK Trail Racing Team is Knoxville TN's first and only competitive trail racing and mountain running team. The PEAK Trail Team is in its second year and will continue to focus on trail and mountain racing in the southeast.

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At PEAK Mountain Sports we are committed to the preservation of the spaces in which we run, bike, paddle and hike.  We hope that as PEAK Mountain Sports grows, the message that we are sending grows along with it.  


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Peak Mountain Sports wants to spread the message of being a responsible user of the park and wilderness areas where we run, bike and hike.  At all PEAK race events we practice what we preach.  At our races, you won't find cups in the feed zones, race flyers on your car, or goody bags filled with brochures you will never read. What you will find is competition at its purest, coupled with a message of environmental responsibility.  






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PEAK Mountain Sports was recently featured on Operation Ultra's Podcast.Click on the icon below to hear the interview.